Our StoryHow our animal sanctuary came to be

It all started in late 2021 with a bunny who desperately needed a home. Greg was days away from being euthanized when the shelter housing him found an abscess on his jaw. They determined he was in severe pain and “unadoptable”, despite eating and acting normally. When we learned of his condition, we knew something had to be done.

At the time, the idea for Henry’s Haven was still a dream. Our founding members spent many years volunteering and working at local shelters, but they felt that more could be done to save the animals that others dismissed. In particular, farm animals and exotics lacked the support that traditional household pets (like cats and dogs) receive from the community; sadly, this is still true today.

Greg the rabbit chewing on parsley.
Greg munching on his morning veggies.
A barn overlooks fenced-in pastures.
The barn overlooking the fields at Henry's Haven.

With the idea of a non-profit animal sanctuary still forming, we decided to adopt Greg and save him from euthanasia. Given his need for ongoing, expensive medical care, we knew the chances of finding a suitable adopter were slim and that his permanent home had to be with us. But with so many animals facing similar circumstances, we wanted to do more. The plan for Henry’s Haven was set in motion.

The biggest hurdle was finding the right property that would be a comfortable home to all kinds of animals. We knew it had to be a farm and that it would take a lot of patience and persistence to find the perfect one. After nearly two years of searching, on a random Sunday morning, we found it: the farm that checked all of our boxes. We rushed to contact our agent and after a whirlwind of events (and with some luck), Henry’s Haven found its new home.

Officially established in 2023, Henry’s Haven is operated on a 38-acre farm. This space allows us to scale to support many animals through rescue, conservation, and advocacy. We’re just getting started on our mission, but we’re so excited for what’s to come as we connect with more and more animal rights advocates like you.

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